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2016 Holiday Weightlifting Meet Results & Wrap Up


2016 Holiday Weightlifting Meet Results & Wrap Up

Click Here for the 2016 Holiday Weightlifting Meet Results (link on following page)

Quick Re-cap of the 2016 Meet:

  • I always like to take a moment afeter each Holiday Meet because our lifters get more and more impressive every year.
  • The ladies of session #2 stole the show.  We had an absolute BATTLE at some very heavy weights this year.  There were almost 10 lifts at 70kg or higher in the Snatch….yes, that’s TEN Snatch attempts at 155 Americans or more.  Years past we’ve had a big ol’ goose egg at this loading.  There was event a CJ attempt at 100kg by Louisa.  Wow.  So impressed.
  • Also speaking of the ladies, 2016 was the first year that the Women outnumbered the Men.  We’re pumped about this and so should you!  Props ladies!
  • The dudes went hard as well.  In Session #4 we welcomed Tom back to the Holiday Meet with a 265kg total, just edging out Ed at 263kg.  Tom nearly passed out on the card table after a 150kg CJ attempt (saved by his wife, Annah) but then put his helmet back on and got in there for a 155kg Clean, juuuust missing the Jerk.
  • Our VOLUNTEERS crushed it once again.  You all were incredible and thank you again for giving your precious time to the event. I think this is the 4th straight year of no bar misloads too even with some new loaders (Shout out to Renee!)
  • Oh and HUGE PROPS to the Athletes who cleaned up the warm-up room.  When we walked in their after the meet it was absolutely spotless.  Thank you very much!!
  • I expect that there will be a handful of lifters headed to this week’s American Open.  Wishing you the best of luck in Orlando!
  • And Coach Jen, you’re still the most animated weightlifter on a platform that anyone has ever seen 😛  #crowdfavorite
  • Until next year!  Happy lifting everyone.

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