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Dry Needling at Alpine


Dry Needling at Alpine

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It’s no doubt, we have a dedicated group of athletes that walk through our doors day after day! As athletes, you all come to push your limits and test your growth. Along your personal fitness journey, we as a coaching staff, want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help you recover and stay healthy.

Out of this desire, we are bring Katie Aaron on board with us. Katie is a physical therapist at Next Level Sports Performance. Katie received her Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University. She continued on to get her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Regis University, and is certified in dry needling. Personally, as an athlete, dry needling is one of the most beneficial modalities I have experienced for recovery and pain.

Much of what we CrossFit athlete do requires a certain amount of mobility and range of motion throughout the joints of our body, but excessive muscle tension surrounding a restricted joint can reduce that range of motion.

Conventional treatment methods include myofascial release with foam rollers or balls, massage, and dynamic activation or warming up. While these methods can be extremely effective, sometimes the body requires a more direct approach to getting faster results.

With dry needling, Katie can treat specifically at the area of muscular dysfunction.  Katie will be able diagnose and locate specific “trigger points” or areas of hypertonicity and tension.  Once located the nodular bands can be mechanically stimulated through the use of extremely thin filiform needles that elicit a twitch response, which causes a depolarization of the muscle bands. This response ultimately decreases muscle tension and as a result decreases pain and improves function.

What does this mean for you as a CrossFitter?

Dry needling can release muscle tension. With less muscle tension,  range of motion improves. So take an athlete with tight hips, dry needling could release some tension, so the mathlete can get a better position under the bar when catching a squat clean. Athletes with tight shoulders, can use dry needling to improve shoulder range of motion to prevent painful positioning when performing a snatch or push jerk.

Have kipping pull ups always caused you to have shoulder pain afterwards?

Do you have pain at the front of your knee when squatting or performing box jumps?

The movement requirements in CrossFit are extremely dynamic and require a great deal of mobility and stability throughout the body.  If you have painful muscles or muscles that are restricted due to tight tender bands and trigger points, you will see decreased performance and run the risk of further injury down the road.

Take control of your PRs and reduce your risk of getting injury by getting treated!

How to Get Signed-Up

Dry needling will happen Monday Nights in the office just South of the ROMWOD TV. Appointments will last 15 min and are cash pay only, no insurance accepted.

You can sign-up in Wodify, under the schedule tab. There are time slots available from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Athletes may sign-up for up to 2 slots if they would like more time. Each slot is $25, which you can pay Katie at the time of service with a credit card, cash, or check.


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