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Friday, 10-31-2014


Friday, 10-31-2014

Happy Halloween from Alpine!!
Again, if you dress up today for your workout, you’re not only SUPER COOL and a TOTAL B.A. but you will also get 17 rounds added to you AMRAP score today =)  Enjoy!!
Workout of the Day

Week 2 of Friday progressions
Alternate movements, rest 60sec between sets:
A) Pause Front Squats, 3×3  (3sec pause at bottom) *Go heavier than last week
B)  Strict Pull-ups, 3x max rep (record total reps)
**For Part B, if you are doing the MBS Turkey Challenge, then be sure to use our Odysseus Bar!**
7min AMRAP:
7 Deadlifts 225/155
7 Handstand Push-ups 
*Substitute 3 Wall Walks for the HSPU
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.
Oh, and if you’re still reading, Saturday’s Hero WOD will be “31 Heroes

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