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Friday, 11-25-2011


Friday, 11-25-2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH JC!!!  Only one WOD today at 8:30am.
Coach Jason’s 34th Birthday Suck-fest!
For time:
3400ft Run (~1000m)
34 Pull-ups
34 Shoulders to overhead 115/75
34 Pull-ups
34 Pistols
34 Pull-ups
34 Wall balls 30/20 10’/9′
34 Pull-ups
34 Sandbag burpees 46/32
*If you need to “stop and rest” at any point during this WOD, then you must rest “JC Style.”  To rest JC style, you must either stop and do fist pumps, dance and/or sing to the music, “make it rain”, pick your nose, or stop and just look like a goober.  If you choose to NOT do any (or all) of the above when you rest, you must do burpees until you are ready to continue.

Happy birthday homeboy!  Thanks from all of us for everything you do for Alpine.  Hope you enjoy this one.

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