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Friday, 11-27-2015


Friday, 11-27-2015

Holiday Schedule:  8:00am & 9:30am classes today. Lifting/open gym available 8am-11:00am.

*We need 11,000 Double Unders for the Nov skill goal – bring yer ropes*


Workout of the Day…..AMRAPS on AMRAPS on AMRAPS.  This is similar to our 2014 Thanksgiving Day marathon
A 60min running clock will start promptly at 8:05am & 9:35am for each class.
Group Warm-up, Mobility, Instruction & WOD(s) set-up.
At the 20min mark,
8min AMRAP
2 Power Cleans 185/125
4 Front Squats 185/125
6 Burpees 
At the 30min mark,
7min AMRAP
Wall Balls 20/14
At the 40min mark,
6min AMRAP
5 C2B Pull-ups
15 Double Unders (add to the 
At the 50min mark,
For Time: 5min Cumulative time holding a Plank
At the 60-ish min mark,
Cool down….and if you still have a heartbeat, draw another Turkey on the board =)
Power Cleans on Power Cleans…

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