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Friday, 12-4-15


Friday, 12-4-15

Friday is GAME DAY!!
Tommy lifts on platform “Stars” (platform 4) and his session starts at 12:00pm MST.  Watch live below!! His session has about 15 lifters and will take 2+ hours.  We expect him to open (first lift) in the latter half of the field so around 12:20/30pm. I’ll also have a lot of live updates on our ACF Facebook page.
He did a very light session this afternoon and is feeling fast and strong and looks great.  I know Tommy feels the love and support from everyone back home – Thank you!!


Workout of the Day
Snatch Balance
*We rarely program this one in the regular classes and leave it for the O-lift hours but this is a monumentally important accessory lift if you struggle with mobility, accuracy with the barbell, or receiving the Snatch.
For time:
Full snatch 95/65
Bar Facing Burpees
Post your results to the Whiteboard.

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