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Friday, 3-2-2012


Friday, 3-2-2012

We are hosting WOD 12.2 Saturday
– Athletes may arrive at 9:00am to fill out a waiver, register for a heat, register to judge heats, warm-up, and get prepped to kick it.
– Heats start at 10:00am and run every 15min.  We will go over the standards at 9:50am. 
– Paleo wagon will unfortunately not be at the event tomorrow.  Please bring your own side dishes if you would like to BBQ with us after the final heat.
ME Box squat 8×3
Accessory work:
Atlas stone squats 3×5/shoulder
3 x 60sec battle rope efforts
There was an Alpine CrossFit sighting this past week in Australia…both superman planking on the beach and sight-seeing.  Thanks for the photos Jen Jen and Dawn! 

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