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Friday, 4-15-2016


Friday, 4-15-2016

Shout out to Mike D (and Peppers of course) who will be taking over our daily WOD/Blog posts and getting more involved in our community!

 Workout of the Day
Alternating movements with 60sec rest.  Add your 25 strict pull-ups to our monthly goal!
5×5 Strict Pull-ups
5×5 Strict HSPU (sub wall walks or handstand skillz)
*Add weight for pull-ups or deficit for HSPU.  Loading/skill should be the same for all 5 sets (ie not increasing)
Five Rounds For Max Reps
60sec Deadlifts 225/155
60sec Knees to Elbows
60sec Burpees
60sec Rest
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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