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Friday, 7-10-2015


Friday, 7-10-2015

We are hosting a BBQ at Alpine Saturday!  
We will provide burgers, brats, condiments, water, and a yummy celebratory dessert on behalf of ACF’s Fifth birthday.  Please bring yourselves, friends, and family and a side to share.  Food will be served after 10:00am. Come hit a morning 8am/9am/10am WOD and then grub out after with the ACF crew.  Hope to see you there!!

 Workout of the Day
Week 2, Day 3: Back Squat 5×5 @ 80%
*High volume today; use same loading as every day thus far; rest 2min between efforts.
Field Day and #NFF!  These are not for time or reps/rounds, just hard efforts!
3×8 Partner Glute-Ham Raises
3×8 Tire flips as fast as possible (AFAP) and as heavy as possible (AHAP) *Weather Pending*
3×50′ Loaded rope pull AFAP & AHAP
Oh yeah and for #nonfunctionalfriday, 60sec Max Effort Seated DB Hammer Curls 20/15 alternating arms of course (duh)
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.
FBF to 2011 “Helen” at our re-grand opening.

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