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Friday, 7-17-2015


Friday, 7-17-2015

Good luck to my Wifey =) and Coach Emily who are participating in Friday’s Epic Relay Race which is a 24+ hr relay run from Canyon City to Crested Butte with a team of 12.  They start bright n early Friday and will finish around noon on Saturday.
ACF is hosting a USA Powerlifting Coaching Clinic this Saturday from 8:00am-5:00pm. We will not be having our regular Saturday classes or weightlifting hours.  Instead we are going to schedule a SWIM WOD and/or a RED ROCKS workout Saturday morning.  Stay tuned to email and Saturday’s website posts for details…

Workout of the Day
Week 3 Day 3:  Back Squat 6×2 @ 80%
*Low Volume Day; Work at same %’s; Rest 60sec between sets; this weight should feel like an empty bar at this point (and after 6×6 on Wed)
Field Day and #NFF!  These are not for time or reps/rounds, just hard efforts!
1) 3×8 Partner Glute-Ham Raises
2) 3×8 Tire flips (go heavier than last week)
3) In as few of sets as possible, accumulate: 30 Strict Pull-ups, 40 Toes To Bar, and for our third #nonfunctionalfriday: Accumulate 30 DB Bicep Curls AFAP! 35/25
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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