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Friday, 8-22-2014


Friday, 8-22-2014

I want to start this post by giving a big shout out and THANK YOU to the coaches.  Last Friday they surprised Lily and I with an Owner Appreciation dinner at my tapeworm’s favorite place, Hu Hot Mongolian BBQ.  Seven plates and lots of laughs later, they also surprised me with a nice bottle of Balvenie =)  Extra thanks to JC for setting this up and Fousty for the Scotch.  This really meant a lot to us!
Workout of the Day
Back Squat  10-8-6-4-4
Recommended weights, just don’t plan to exceed 85%!
1*10 60%
1*8 70%
1*6 75%
1*4 80%
1*4 85%
then, sorry ya’ll are gonna hate me here,
“Death by” Thruster 95/65
**How a “death by” works – perform one thruster minute one, two thrusters minute two, three thrusters minute three, four/four, five/five, etc until you can no longer perform the number of reps in the allotted time (60sec).  You can still get partial reps (ie 10+10 means that you were one thruster from 11 before time expired). 
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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