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Friday, 9-28-2012


Friday, 9-28-2012

Birthday Mayhem WOD Saturday for Tommy, Dre-leo, Weezy, Anna, and Sarah H.  Don’t miss it!
Also good luck to our Alpine Tough Pumpkin competitors!!  Greg, C-Bass, Rawnduh, Kourt, Brian, Foust, Kelsea, Rachel, and Anna.  HERE are their WODs they are doing – very high skill!  Get up to CrossFit Julia in Lousiville if you can to support them!
12min AMRAP – Odd reps
1 Box Jump 30″/24″; 1 Push Jerk 115/75
3 Box Jumps; 3 Push Jerks
5 Box Jumps; 5 Push Jerks
etc, etc
**Step downs encouraged on the box jumps and no rebound with the high volume today
**PACE!  Long one for this couplet.

What kind of costumes will our Tough Pumpkin Competitors be sporting this Saturday?? Stay tuned…


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