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Friday, June 7th: CrossFit


Friday, June 7th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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General Mobility:

2 Rounds:

-Foam Roller Open book x 7 ea. Side (Knee/Leg on Foam Roller)

-Banded Lunge x 30s ea. Side (Slow Gliding)

General Warm-Up: 30s Each Row Variation:

1) Knees only

2) Hips/Body Only

3) Arms Only

4) Knee’s & Hips

5) Hips & Arms

6) Full Body

Specific: “Make Glutes Great Again” Tabata (20s On/ 10s Off x 3:00 ea. Station) 1) Side Plank Clamshell (Alternating Sides ea. Break)

2) Frog Pumps

3) Banded Feet Together-Feet Apart (Light Orange Band on outside leg)



Row Technique Review:


2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row

Cool Down

Cool Down

Foam Rolling: Quads, HIps & Back (Take 3-5:00)


Static Stretch

– Take at least 60-90s ea. Hold while staying active. Don’t go passive & reach end range of a joint. Alternating between Deep Lunge (try to get elbow to ground) ea. Leg, Paleo Chair, Childs Pose, and Knee Hug with Rotation.

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