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Friday, October 13th: CrossFit


Friday, October 13th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit




Garbage Ball (No Measure)

Class will divide into 2 teams on opposite sides of the gym. Throughout the area, different sizes of MedBalls and Sport Balls will be placed. On 3-2-1-GO! athletes will try to “Clean the garbage” from their side of the facility onto the other teams. Balls must be carried and placed to the other side (no throwing/tossing,etc…). Once the timer stops, the team with the most garbage on their side loses and will receive a penalty.

Strength (not for time)

Deadlift (3-3-3-3-3)

Build to Heavy 3-Rep Deadlift

-Doesn’t have to be maximal, but if you’re feeling it, GO FOR IT!


Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

3 Rounds:

60 Double Unders

12 Burpee’s

15/12 Cal AB Sprint

-90s Rest

(Each Round for Time)

Cool Down

Reverse Plank (Accumulate 2:00)

Laying with feet and shoulders supported on boxes, but middle of the body is suspended without assistance.

Metcon (No Measure)

Cool-Down Series:

Couch Stretch x 90s ea. Leg

Cobra Stretch x 90s

Lying Pec Stretch & Rotation x 60s ea. Side

Extra Gains

A1: DB Single Arm Bench Press (8-8-8)

(Tempo: 3211)
21×1 Tempo

A2: Ring Rows (10-10-10)

31×2 Tempo

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