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Good luck Masters!! Tuesday, 10-9-2012


Good luck Masters!! Tuesday, 10-9-2012

Good luck to our Alpiners – Galo, Dr Dave, B-RAD, & Korry – who will be competing at the Master’s Championships at Front Range CrossFit this Saturday and Sunday!!!  It takes a lot of bawlls to compete and even more when you are a young man or woman in this competition.  If you have plans this weekend you should definitely cancel them and go.  Seriously.  These young men and women at this competition will be crazy inspiring to watch while putting everything on the line!  Please plan on attending this event and cheering on our Alpine competitors!  Its a great event!!
Back Squat 4×2 (2+ on final set)
9min AMRAP – Partner workout
100m Sandbag carry 80/64
Max ring dips
How it works: Partner A completes the 100m sandbag carry while Partner B completes as many ring dips until Partner A returns.  The partners then switch and Partner A completes as many ring dips as possible until Partner B returns.  Continue for 9min and your score is max ring dips completed in the 9min. 
**For Rx the ring dips the rings must be set above your reach (ie must Muscle-Up into each set of ring dips)

Our Alpine Masters competitors!!!

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