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Happy 5 Years ACF =) Wednesday, 7-1-2015


Happy 5 Years ACF =) Wednesday, 7-1-2015

Happy birthday to the smiley Jackie F!!
Jackie your bday is also shared on a special day for Alpine…

Happy 5th Birthday Alpine CrossFit =)

I’m not sure how you write about your business’s 5-yr anniversary in just one post so I’ll keep this short…
When I set my biz plan back in 2010 (which is modified on the reg), I had all kinds of goals and plans of attack and visions and excitement for what this place would look like in 2015.  To be honest, there truly was only one 5-year goal as any biz owner would agree….
….to still exist.
ACF was born from grass roots CrossFit business methodology – start small and with your friends, the more rustic your gym the better, tell everyone about CrossFit but never spend a dime on advertising, practice your “what is CrossFit?” elevator speech because no one is going to understand WTF you are about to drop on them, reinvest everything back into your gym, scower Craiglist for whatever you can find (Rogue Fitness and RAGE didn’t exist), build stuff and DIY, while keeping your nose to the grindstone and showing up with a smile every day because you are about to change someone’s life. Some things have changed immensely while the core values remain the same.  But, for real though I mean come on….new CrossFit gyms even provide Rogue PVC Pipe for their members….I just…I just…I just don’t know what to say…
We may not have the flashiest curb appeal or 60″ TV’s and freshly scented towels in the lounge, but I am damn proud of where Alpine is and the coaches and members in it.
Five solid years is a good start and I couldn’t do this without a lot of great people around me.  You all know who you are – you walk through the door, you sweat, you laugh with me, you take my BS or corny jokes or stress in stride, you may not have any idea what I’m cueing you to do in a workout but you still nod your head and do it, you work hard, and you love on me (that one’s really just a shout out to my Wifey =)  You may even be an athlete or coach who is no longer a part of our community. Regardless, you are all my family.
From the bottom of my heart I give you all a genuine thank you.  Here’s to the next five years =)
– Coach Z
Oh and in celebration of our 5-years, all t-shirts are TEN DOLLARS this week only and we’ll have some kind of BBQ and party cause that’s just what we do.
Now on to what you’re really here for, the squats….
 Workout of the Day
Week 1, Day 2: Back Squat  6×3 @ 80%
For Time:
Row 3km
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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