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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISH! Friday, 4-19-2013


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISH! Friday, 4-19-2013

Happy happy birthday to our AWESOME coach Trish!!!  Trish is such a huge piece to our Alpine team and our community and today is a great day to honor her for the work she has put into Alpine.   I am sincerely thankful for your hard work, Trish, and I know our members appreciate it as well!  Here’s to be 29! 🙂
I know Trish is not very big on celebrating her birthday (that’s why I jumped in here and got this post up for her = )   but please leave a nice note for her and wish her a fantastic day
This WOD is a spin-off from her 2011 Celebration at Alpine: Trish’s “Quadruple Layer Birthday Cake with delicious icing on the top”
For max reps and loads of:
4min – Tabata Row (for Calories)
30sec to transition
4min to find a 1RM Snatch
30sec to transition
4min – Tabata Wall Balls 20/14
30sec to transition
4min to find a 3RM Front Squat
Immediately into 2min AMRAP of BURPEES!
Three separate scores: Front Squat load, Snatch load, total reps combined of Wall Balls, Calorie Row, and burpees


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