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HBD Rhonda M! Wednesday, 9-12-2012


HBD Rhonda M! Wednesday, 9-12-2012

Weighted pull-up 5-5-3-3-1-1
Partner WOD:  AMRAP 8min
Partner A: Two 11′ Rope Climbs
Partner B: Max Hand Release Push-ups
**Switch places once the rope climbs are completed; your time frame to do HR push ups is during your partners two rope climbs
**Keep a running total of the HR push-ups as your score
**Rx rope climb today starts from your knees and terminates with your head through the rafters (ie no reaching and touching the rafter at the top). Foot anchors are legit. We can sub 1 rope climb, standing rope pulls, and strict pull-ups as well.
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY RHONDA! Sorry we missed it on Monday!!

Rhonda and Megan.


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