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Holiday Trampoline Party!! Tuesday 12-18-2012


Holiday Trampoline Party!! Tuesday 12-18-2012

30sec on/30sec rest for 20 minutes
3 Power cleans at 80% of 1RM then max reps of X, Y or Z in the remaining 30sec
Your score is the total reps of X, Y, or Z for all 20 rounds with the load of your Power Clean.
Choose ONE depending on your skill level:
X – Chest to bar pull-ups (Rx); Y – Chin over bar pull-ups without a band (jumping pull-ups to modify); Z – Ring rows
Example – It takes you 15 seconds to do your three touch-and-go PCs so you now have 15 seconds to do as many (X,Y, or Z) as possible.
Ohhh snap its time to throw down! Alpine Holiday Party at Big Time Trampoline Center
Here is the schedule for today:
– 530am, 630am, 800am, 12pm classes as scheduled
– The gym will be open in the afternoon from 4:00-5:00pm; we will run two quick classes from 4-430pm and 430-500pm but please come anytime during the hour to get set up for a quick workout before the evening party.
– We have Big Time Trampoline Center reserved from 6:00-8:30pm. 
– Cost is $8 to Alpine if you are one of the first 25 signed up on the board at Alpine.  The next 25+ people can pay $8 at the counter when you arrive at Big Time.
I need to apologize that I have not been able to coordinate what food people can bring.  I know it is too late at this point for people to shop and have time to cook.  It has been a busy few weeks here so I am sorry for this but I was thinking we could still bring appetizers/snacks for people while we’re there.  Paleo snack or dish would be preferred.  You are welcome to bring an entree if you like but please at least bring some kind of snack to share.  Big Time is providing us with tables, pitchers of water, glasses, chairs, silverware, napkins but please bring serving utensils.  Just a reminder that we cannot bring in any outside drinks (water, soda, alcohol, etc) and no alcohol is served there.Thanks so much everyone and looking forward to a fun evening with lots of back flips and dodgeball!!! 🙂    -RZ



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