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2017 Legends Competition: WOD 2

WOD 2 of the 2017 Legends Competition is a combination of skill, accuracy and strength. This workout is a strength ladder of everyone’s favorite max out…the Clean and Jerk! Athletes will, one at a time, have 90 seconds to complete the following: 30 Unbroken Double Unders plus 1 Clean and Jerk at the designated weight. Once a lift is considered successful by the judge, they will give a signal of “Down” to return the barbell to the ground.  The athlete stops when he or she has reached a weight they cannot complete or don’t complete the 30 doubles prior to beginning the Clean and Jerk Attempt. Their will be 10 bars in total for the Male and Female Division. The Male division will begin at 185lbs and will ascend by 15lbs until the final barbell at 320lbs. The Female division will begin 115lbs and ascend by 10lbs until the final barbell at 215lbs. If an athlete either cannot complete a weight or finish the ladder, they have the option to deadlift the barbell they are on as many times as possible before the end of their minute at the weight. This will only serve as a tie-breaker to athletes on the same barbell. The higher completed weight of the ladder will always place higher.