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Monday, 1-30-2012


Monday, 1-30-2012

Clean and Jerk  2-2-1-1
9min AMRAP
1 Jerk  135/95
1 Sandbag shuttle run 64/32
2 Jerks
2 Sandbag shuttle runs 
3 Jerks
3 Sandbag shuttle runs
etc etc
*Shuttle run is down & back to the North and South walls in our main room.  You will run forwards down, and backwards back.  Watch our for the rig and please don’t get decapitated by the “shorty” pull-up bars!

Dorian being pushed by Dr Dave during the gruesome WOD #2 at Saturday's Winter WODfest at CrossFit Eminence

 Congrats to our 8 competitors who competed on Saturday!  We had a great showing for Alpine with 3 4th places, a 5th, a 7th, a 10th, a 12th and a 33rd.  RAD!!
More importantly, thank you to all of you who came out and supported us.  It really means so much having everyone there.  We may not hear each person individually or acknowledge you during the brutality of a competition WOD but trust me your encouragement and “screaming” lol helps so much!  A big thank you to you all! 

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