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Monday 2-06-2012


Monday 2-06-2012

Happy Birthday(yesterday) Jess!!

3 RFT:
2 Bar Facing Burpees
5 Bear Complex 135/95
19 Med Ball Push ups
80 Double Unders
32(year old) Pullups
“Beastmode” Challenge WOD during Open gym T,W & TH
2-4-6-8-10 Stone C&J 115/70
4-8-12-16-20 Dynamic Stone Pushups
See Here From Stongmanwod
Jess possesses that ability to “flip the switch” during a WOD. Something many of us work for, and many (including myself) have a hard time finding and keeping.  The “flip the switch”  I’m talking about is the ability to turn off that little voice in your head telling you “this hurts”, “this is hard”, “take a rest”, “I can’t do anymore”. The focus that I’ve seen from Jess has inspired me to work a little harder and ignore that little voice. He reminds me of a quote from Kristen Clever (2011 CrossFit Games champion) when I met her just following her win at the Games. When asked  Do you ever just feel like you’re going to die and can’t keep going?? Her reply: “I know I’m not going to die, and if I pass out, someone will be there to pick me up. So I just keep going” Just keep telling yourselves: “i”m not going to die, I’m not going to die!” (we’ll pick you up and revive you, don’t worry!)
Happy Birthday WOD Jess! Thanks for inspiring us to work a little harder here at Alpine!
Speaking of working harder….
How about working smarter???
Just want to touch on a couple of things:
1. Rxing the WODS. Just a reminder that when we program a WOD, we are programming the Rx for those top competitors or the Elite (even tho I don’t like to use that term) CrossFit Competitors.  Many times I hear people comment “That Rx weight is crazy, no one here can do that weight”, “I’m doing it Rx’d but it will take be forever”, or “Those movements are way too hard, that WOD is impossible”. Yep, it’s hard, and yep most at the gym may not be able to perform it as prescribed.  That’s OK.  Those Rx weights and movements are something we ALL are working towards.  That’s why we scale by either weight or modified movements.  Sometimes that’s hard for the ego.  Let that go!! Most WODs have a predetermined “finish time” we are looking for. We are looking for you to get the most power output during a workout so we are going to modify and scale appropriately for each athlete to the best of their CURRENT ability and skill. CrossFit workouts are designed to heavily consider your personal POWER OUTPUT. At Alpine, we adhere closely to the idea that you benefit from keeping your power output high.  If we allow you to work too heavy or take too long, then your power output drops precipitously causing you to have a submaximal result from your workout experience. So there may be workouts that you CAN do the prescribed weights or movements, however as your coach we will have you work with a scaled weight or modified movement. TRUST US!!
2. Weaknesses (or Goats). We ALL have them.  As soon as you conquer one, another comes up.  Sometimes you don’t realize one is a weakness until a particular WOD or competition.  So what do you do about them? Get in the gym and work on them. Dang that sure was simple. It’s so easy to come to Open Gym and do the stuff ya love. That stuff is usually what we are good at doing. I’m guilty of this myself.  If you are strong but suck at Metcons and endurance, don’t come to Open Gym and lift.  If you have a 6 minute mile and kick butt at bodyweight workouts, get under or over a heavy bar and lift it.  Been on the same color band for pull ups forever?? Come work some lighter bands and strict pull ups. You say Olympic Lifts are hard and too technical??? Helloo! We have an Olympic coach that comes every Sunday jumping at the chance to help you! Remember the saying: If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.
Be sure to check out our good friend Juli’s food blog. Not only is it funny, she has some great paleo recipes! Juli is also writing for Again Faster.

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