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Monday, 2-29-2016


Monday, 2-29-2016

 Happy birthday to Jenn H!!


*Please be sure you submit your 16.1 scores by 5:00pm this evening*
The gym has been buzzing with lunges, burpees, and pull-ups this weekend.  Lots of great stuff from 16.1 thus far.  Keep up the great work Team!

Workout of the Day – Every Monday we will be doing the Open workout for the next four weeks.  If you have already done 16.1, then you can either 1) re-do to try for a better score or 2) make-up something you missed from last week or 3) do a Goat WOD (see more below). Don’t forget, you can still do the workout today and register today.
20min AMRAP
8 Standing Overhead Lunges 95/65
8 Bar Facing Burpees
8 Standing Overhead Lunges 95/65
8 Chest to Bar Pullups 
*Goat WOD* option for today.  A “goat” = something you need to improve at or that you shy away from when you see it programmed.  Pick three movements and practice them in a 15min AMRAP.  Your coach will help you program it
…..I smell something HEAVY  coming this week and maybe some of the following: Double Unders, Shuttle Run, Thrusters, skwaaaats…Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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