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Monday 4-2-2012


Monday 4-2-2012


Warm up to a 3 rep you can maintain for:
3 reps every minute for 15 minutes (think, this is 45 reps… make sure you choose challenging but not too heavy your fail.  Once you cannot complete the three reps move on!)
100 tricep band extensions (choose a challenging band)
100 1/2 Turkish Get ups (50 each)
We like to have some FUN at Alpine including competitions and adventure races. Above are pics from our first Olympic Weighlifting meet, Toughmudder and the Colorado Open.  Alpine will be hosting a few competitions in the next few months including one May 18 & 19!! Be on the look out for more info and be sure to join in whether it’s competing, volunteering or cheering on the athletes! We have a GREAT community at Alpine and within CrossFit!
CrossFit Games Regional competition for the southwest will be May 4-6 at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. We’ll be down there cheering on our regions athletes, be sure to join in the fun and get inspired  & motivated!  Tickets can be purchased here.

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