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Monday, 6-15-2015


Monday, 6-15-2015

Four days out.
 All remaining programming, movement standards, event logistics and event schedule will be released by 8:00pm Monday evening.  Heat schedules will be posted by Wednesday at 8:00pm.

 Workout of the Day
Back Squat  7-5-3-3-1-1-1
*These do not necessarily have to be new PR 1rm attempts – just work up to three heavy singles at 90% or higher and adjust based on how you are feeling.
For Time:
Row 500m
50 MB Sit-ups 20/14
Row 400m
40 MB Sit-ups
Row 300m
30 MB Sit-ups
Row 200m
20 MB Sit-ups
Row 100m
10 MB Sit-upsPost your scores to the Whiteboard.
One of my favorite moments from 2014 Legends – Kevin passing Nate in the final stretch of Event #2 “The Legends Biathlon”

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