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Monday, 6-2-2014


Monday, 6-2-2014

Mondays always make for a great Squat day,
Workout of the Day
Back Squat  5 sets: 5-5-5-5-5
For Time:
10 to 1 Toes To Bar
– One overhead plate carry (55/35) around gym between each set
*Please DO NOT drop the plates!  Use the red KG plates for Men’s RxPost your scores to the Whiteboard.

Congrats to all athletes who participated in this weekend’s South West Regionals.  Chris Spealler, Tommy Hackenbruck, and hometown Colorado boy, Patrick Burke from MBS, will be representing our SW Region at the CrossFit Games in July!  All three are CrossFit OG’s and have been to the CrossFit Games multiple times.  Read up and watch archives of the event at
I personally want to send a shout out and tall beer to a close friend of Alpine CrossFit, Mr. Jon Moffitt , for qualifying and competing in his first Regionals bout freaking time!  He’s put in a solid 4 years of somewhat HARD WORK to get to this point and it was great to watch him CRUSH IT and not get last like he said on Facebook!!
Congrats buddy =)  You will be able to see Jon and his tattoos at our very own LEGENDS COMPETITION in two weeks!  Very pumped for this guy and for his affiliate, Mile High CrossFit who are a hybrid factory for building ninjas also qualified and competed in the Regional Team competition.
 “Strikethrough” is always fun and definitely not immature

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