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Monday, 6-29-2015


Monday, 6-29-2015

We have some news to report in today’s post – we mutually decided to split with Coach Joe.  On behalf of the ACF community, we appreciate you and your time with us Joe!
 Members – I will be making this announcement in every Monday class and am happy to answer anything.  We are committed to being transparent with our community with anything that arises at Alpine CrossFit.
Thank you again Joe and thank you everyone =)

 Monday’s programming – we announced last week that we are starting a SQUAT CYCLE.  We haven’t done a squat specific cycle in a long time (since late 2014).  More specifically this is the standard Russian Squat Cycle.  This is one of the most basic and fundamental templates out there and so effective that it continues to be used since its inception in 1975 (in the USSR then…).  We will be squatting on Mon, Wed & Friday and those days will also include a short conditioning (met-con) set but the primary focus will be the squatting. IN ADDITION, we decided to add in a “non-function-Friday” during this cycle (by popular demand) as seen in the latest Rich Froning super-hero CrossFit video. It’s meant to have a little fun =) Stay tuned for Fridays…
Workout of the Day
Week 1, Day 1: Back Squat
6×2 @ 80%
10min AMRAP
6 Power Cleans 135/95
9 Toes To Bar
12 KB Swings 70/55
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.
Sunday’s Purple Stride 5k.

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