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Monday January 23, 2012


Monday January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Professor Jen!!

AMRAP 15 minutes
1 Clean @85% 1rm
22 Deadlift @ same wt as clean
68 Rope Singles (Dbl unders if you have them!)
Birthday treat of 44 BURPEES! YAY!! BURPEES!!
“Allowing yourself to CHEAT”
So we are approaching our last week of our Paleo Whole 30.  There’s been talk about where to go from here.  Some are continuing 100% strict for a bit longer, some are looking at allowing a few restrictions back in like some sweetener, dairy, or alcohol. Maybe some of you are longing for that big CHEAT! I’m hoping if you do  go for it, it doesn’t taste as great as you remember.  I also highly advise you to not go balls to the walls on day 31.  You will feel sick.  It won’t be worth it.
By now I’m hoping you can see the health benefits of a Paleo lifestyle (note I didn’t say DIET), like how you are feeling from the INSIDE. Your inflammation is gone or reduced, energy is up, bloatiness is gone, stomach problems gone. On the OUTSIDE, maybe you’ve lost a few pounds, leaned out, flatter tummy, clearer skin.  All this in just 30 days.  Imagine if this became your LIFE? Not a 30 day DIET?
Food is Fuel. Food is Good. Food is NOT a Reward, and should NOT be something emotional.
Why would you want to PLAN to CHEAT on your LIFE???? Sure, occasions are going to pop up like a birthday, wedding, travel, or occasions when you need to eat but there is little to choose from.  You can’t avoid these, this is life we are talking about.  But some have talked about PLANNING one or two cheat DAYS a WEEK!  Every time you “cheat” you are taking at least one step backwards. Save it for those occasions you can’t avoid.
After 30 days, your gut has started to heal from the inflammation and damage it has taken on for so long. I want you to think of your “cheats” as “sandpaper”. You have your planned cheat day, or in other words, you planned to take some 50 grit sandpaper to your insides and gave it a big old oozing sore.  Nice. But the next few days you are 100% Paleo again! Sore begins to heal, fantastic!! Here’s that other planned cheat day, out comes the sandpaper again to your almost healed sore.  Open and oozing once again. Don’t PLAN to do this to your insides every week.
Planning to cheat once a day, week, whatever may be the first step into cheating two, three days, then every day.
There’s my rant. I truly want the best for each of you, So I guess you can say I rant with love! ha!

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