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#OgarStrong Fundraiser! Saturday, 1-18-2014


#OgarStrong Fundraiser! Saturday, 1-18-2014

Today’s WOD is our fundraiser for Kevin Ogar and his recent tragic injury. CrossFitters from across the globe have rallied together and raised over $200,000 in just a few days for what will be a long and potentially multi-million dollar recovery.  Kevin is also a good friend of ours and is an inspirational and iconic character in the local Colorado community.

We will have multiple times to do this WOD Saturday – 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, and 10:30am.  Please arrive 30min prior to the WOD time you would like to warm-up (ie 7:30 warm-up, 8:00 WOD, out the door by 8:30).  We will have coaches ready in the O-lift room to warm up and coaches for the WOD in the main room too.  Drop-in for the time you prefer even if you did not sign-up on the board at Alpine.

14min AMRAP
3 Touch and Go Power Snatches 135/95
1 Muscle-up
12 Wall Balls 20/14
THIS WOD CAN AND WILL BE SCALED FOR ALL LEVELS!  Beginners and first timers welcome!
14min AMRAP
3 Touch and Go Power Snatches (55lbs)
3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups (band assisted)
12 Wall Balls (8lbs)
There is ZERO charge for the workout today – just please bring what you can contribute to Kevin’s recovery and THANK YOU in advance!  We will give Kevin one large check from Alpine as a meaningful gift from our ACF community.

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