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Oly Comp wrap-up & Thank you JumpNRope! Mon 12-17-2012


Oly Comp wrap-up & Thank you JumpNRope! Mon 12-17-2012

Shoulder Press 3×5
– Adding 2.5/1.5lbs from last Monday
Two rounds for time:
60 Double unders (Row 200m if you did the clinic yesterday)
40 Single Arm KB Thrusters 35/25 (40 total or 20 per side)
20 Burpee box jump overs 12″
This was a busy weekend at Alpine and hope you got in on some of the fun… 
Thank you to Molly Metz and the JumpNRope crew for yesterday’s incredible seminar!  Wow this was a GREAT clinic and I know everyone (including coaches and those with DU’s) got a lot out of it.  We will be bringing them back in February so you will get another shot if you missed this one.  Please post some nice words for JumpNRope to comments below and on their Facebook page!

Sunday JumpNRope clinic.

 Here are a few lifters from the Men’s Snatch event of the 2012 ACF Holiday WL Meet when the bar was at 200lbs
Saturday was one of the most epic days we’ve had at Alpine.  I always love the passion and energy all of you athletes from gyms around the state (and some from WY!) bring to our events.  There was a lot of great friendly competition at this event and we can’t wait to host it again next year!  Overall the event ran smoothly (thanks to our volunteers!!!!) and it left all of the athletes smiling and celebrating but itching for a little more.  #Success
Our two Alpine female athletes, Monika and Anna, both hit PR’s on BOTH lifts and stood proudly on the podium in their classes.  This was Monika’s first ever competition and her weeks/months of Oly biased programming paid off with two new personal bests and made her Mom, Dad, boyfriend Andrew (who all train at Alpine) and coaches very proud!  Anna also hit some lifts out of her comfort zone and proved that she has A LOT more left with some solid training.  Now we all want to “be like Anna when we grow up” just a little more…
Our duders, Mikey, Seabass, Cliff, and big Josh, also took 3 podium spots.  I made all of these guys take a 4th unofficial attempt on at least one lift and I wouldn’t let them hear what the weight on the bar was….throwing them into the unknown….because I knew they were/are all stronger than they thought they were.   They either hit or just missed which was impressive!  They also surprised themselves and came off the podium each time with a big smile which was fun to watch.  The highlight of the evening was watching Josh throw around the barbell like a rag doll with a 260lb Snatch and 320lb Clean and Jerk.  On each of his opening lifts Josh was the only lifter remaining so we had to strategize his lifts to give him adequate rest time.  This left the crowd restless.  However, as Josh took the platform worked the crowd hard.  He made everyone in there his biggest fan with his crazy high energy and big weight on the bar. 
Keep an eye on our site and Facebook as we’ll be posting results later today…

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