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Portillo, Chile Reality Show – Volume 3


Portillo, Chile Reality Show – Volume 3

Day 3!
HERE‘s another quick video from today.
GS Training was pretty brutal in the morning.  The groomed corduroy was rock hard and super tricky to hold an edge on.  I’ve definitely been in some tough conditions during my time racing and coaching and this was pretty bad.  World Cup+ conditions for sure.  The hill also has a long, steep pitch at the top (which you can’t see on the videos) which was causing some trouble.  Frustrating for sure but great training for the guys. I got a couple runs in but was just trying to survive today!  Felt more like a deer trying to run on ice than a ski racer…
We played a little volleyball for dryland and did some mobility work.  These guys are incredible athletes!! Solid volleyball games for sure.  Had a lot of fun. 
More tomorrow.  Thanks for checking in!

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