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Power, Speed, Strength, and Technique


Power, Speed, Strength, and Technique

Our Next Cycle Will Be…

The first week of June marks the start of our Power, Speed, Strength & Technique cycle. We’ve built a solid aerobic base & kept our bodies healthy in preparation for Murph, now is the time to start pushing those strength numbers! Not only will we focus on the barbell, but strict gymnastics and odd objects as well. To balance out the strength focus, we’ll also be working technique & pacing for your rowing. For this, we are finally using our untapped resource of Alex Spratt, a former collegiate rower! Alex will help with technical drills, interval training, and even host a seminar in the month of June to help everyone become more efficient & stronger rowers.

Lastly, we wanted to bring something special to this summer of workouts & celebrate some of the members in our community who have been straight O.G’s for Alpine. Starting this week and continuing through the summer, we’ll be debuting our “Legacy” members and their very own workouts. Legacy members have been here for seven years or more and now have their very own Benchmark WOD’s in the Alpine community. Once our first seven have been inducted, we’ll keep inducting folks as they reach that 7 ear mark! Test week we’ll be hitting “Hager” & “Paint the Fence” (Brads)  to kick off our OG Workouts!

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