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Saturday, 7-20-2013


Saturday, 7-20-2013

Regular Saturday Schedule:
8:00am Alpine only
9:00am Alpine and free class to family, friends, and public
10:00am Foundations Class #4
8:00-12:00pm Open Gym
A little Bday WOD for Adrian:
….stay tune for an “OG” Bday WOD on Monday as Scott-Man’s birthday is SUNDAY!
8:00am and 9:00am Class
Two Rounds For Time:
1000 Run
75 Wall Balls 20/14
50 Push ups
25 DB Squat Clean Thruster 35/25
***We will scale this to your ability level if you are new and coming to the 9:00am!
3:00pm BACHELORETTE WOD FOR THE BEAUTIFUL BRIDE TO BE =)  Have so much fun ladies!!
This one is Fight Gone Bad style.
You pick the name for this one: “Lily gone Bad”  “Lily gone Wild”  or “Lily gone…..Single?! (at least for a few more days…)”
Three Rounds, 60sec running clock at each station for max reps of:
DB Thrusters 15lbs
MB Sit-ups 14lbs
Stone to shoulder 70lbs
Rest station
Photo: Lily Ruiz-Williams is ready for her bachelorette wod tomorrow with all the girls! Including the good 'ol ball & chain!

Photo: About that time...
I really really really like this girl =)  (Lily’s eyes rolling…)

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