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Saturday 1-28-2012


Saturday 1-28-2012

Members Only class at 8:00, Open free class at 9:00.  Open Gym from 9-10:00.Come support Alpine athletes, Matt Kopp, SeaBass, Jess, Robby, Greg, Dorian, Anna and Emily at the Winter WODFest at CrossFIt Eminence today!! Wods running from 8-4:30.

8:00 Class:
STRENGTH: OHS 5×2 (work up to a weight you can maintain for all 5 sets. Same wt. across)
6 OHS 115/75
9 Games Pushups with feet on 45# plate
12 GHD or Abmat Sit ups
9:00 Class:
7 RFT:
15 Box Jump 24/20
20 Ball Slams 40/30
200m Run

How many of us have found ourselves here?? 3-2-1 Pick up the bar!

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