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Saturday, 11-26-2011


Saturday, 11-26-2011

83 Burpees. Lets get them done!
8am WOD
Front squat 6×3
Low prowler pushes 4x20m
50 GHD situps for time
9am WOD
Teams of 3 complete for time:
200 Plate ground to overhead  45/25
200 Plate sit-ups 45/25 (feet anchored)
200m of tire flips 300/230
200m team sprint to finish 45/25
*Only one team member may work at a time. 
*All plates must be carried by 2 non-working members during the tire flips.

Before doing the Thanksgiving "McGhee" WOD everyone had to draw their BEST turkey....which one is your favorite??


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