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Saturday, 5-28-2011


Saturday, 5-28-2011

AMRAP 3min of:
3 DB Thrusters 45/30
6 Small tire throws
25 Jump rope singles
– Repeat for a total of 5 rounds.  Rest 1min between each round.  Total running time is 20 minutes.
– Your score is the total rounds and reps completed in the 20 minutes.
Coach T-Pain is currently in Cali for the CrossFit Powerlifting cert with Louie Simmons. This is an incredible opportunity for not only Trish but for the benefit of our community.  Have fun T-Pain!!!!
Learn about the cert here
Start understanding the “Conjugate System of Training”…videos here.

Folsom field is the finishing stadium of the Bolder Boulder at CU's campus (Go Buffs WHAT WHAT!!!)

Bolder Boulder peeps!  There are 6 of us running in it and we’re all set to get down there.  We will all get separated with start times but plan on meeting at the top of section 120 after the race.  Going to be a RAD event!
Please remember that the gym is CLOSED on Sunday and Monday.  Get out and enjoy your Memorial day weekend!

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