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Saturday, Oct 21st BB Cycling with Jared Fleming


Saturday, Oct 21st BB Cycling with Jared Fleming

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit


Athletes! Please enjoy today’s guest coach, Jared Fleming :).

Also, remember to sign-up for dry needling on Monday with Katie!


Before warm-up:

-Introductions. Help Jared learn your names, and get to know Jared a little bit

Warm-up (No Measure)

800 m run

5:00 min mobility with coach (ankles , shoulders, hips)

2 rounds:

-10 PVC pass throughs

-10 round the world

-10 overhead squats

-10 leg swings

Skill Work:

Take 20 minutes to work on Snatch technique and Snatch cycling w/ coach


Running Randy (Time)

3 Rounds:

-25 HANG Power Snatch (#75/55)

-Run out the front door to the first yellow pole outside apache steele

13 min Time Cap
Choose a weight that will help you complete this workout in the time cap.

New to CrossFit?

-Choose a light Dumbbell

-PVC pipe

-Trainer Bar

Cannot Run?

-Row 275m

Cool Down

2 Rounds:

1 min cobra

1 min child’s pose

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