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Sunday, June 30th: Sunday WOD with Foust!


Sunday, June 30th: Sunday WOD with Foust!

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Explosive Drills

Metcon (No Measure)

Alt. EMOM x 12:00 For Explosiveness & Balance

1) Single Leg Rotating MB Throw x 5 ea. Side (Heavy MB; Touch outside Hip w/ Ball before throw)

2) Forward Sprint x 10y + Backward Sprint x 10y x 2 Rounds (40y in Total; Stay square)

3) SlamBall x 5 (Heavy & Full Extension)


Metcon (Time)

Complete 6 rounds for time:

KB Swing – 7 Reps

Explosive Step-Ups (25/15lb Famer Carry) – 14 Reps; 7 ea. Side

20 yd Bear Crawl Shutte (10 yds out and back)

*For KB Swing, go as heavy as possible. If you have access to more than 2 pood, use it.

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