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Thursday, 11-13-2014


Thursday, 11-13-2014

Happy belated Birthday, Lizard!  Sorry we missed it yesterday.
Don’t forget that we have YOGA EVERY THURSDAY at 6:30pm.  FREE to all monthly members!  $10 drop-in for non members.  Enjoy =)
Workout of the Day
3 sets:  Max Rep Toes 2 Bar
*Rest as needed between sets.
*Scale with Toes Through Rings or Knees to Elbows.
then,  this is a re-test from Wednesday 9-10-2014
For Total Running Time:
Row 1000m; Rest 120sec
Row 800m; Rest 90sec
Row 600m; Rest 60sec
Row 400m; Rest 30sec
Row 200m; done =)
*When there are more than 10 people per class we will alternate two groups between mobility & TTB skill and the rowing.
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

If you don’t already, Please start recording your scores on the electronic Whiteboard on each post.  This will be a great tool whenever we re-test a workout (like today).

 Here are previous scores from this set two months ago:
Lilyazehner 19:22
Molly Jo 18:29
GDoyle 15:09
Jesse W  15:27
Hdbrown  20.19
Pete  15:35
Molly “Neon” Jo

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