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Thursday, 11-5-2015


Thursday, 11-5-2015

We are entering Cold & Flu season and there’s already some nasty stuff going around. Here are a few tips to help you and the gym stay healthy this season. (Similar post in this month’s newsletter):
1) Please don’t come into the gym when you feel sick. Stay home! This happens a lot unfortunately because people think “I’ll feel better after I get a workout in.” No you won’t! You will only contaminate the gym. Listen to your body and rest.
2) Wash your hands when you ENTER the gym and then again before you LEAVE. Start adding this to your “enter the gym” routine: walk through our doors, say hello, organize your things, wash your hands in the restroom, and then start getting Scap Jacked with Crossover Symmetry. Boom!
3) Now I’m going to sound like your mother….but the following are extremely important to your health and sickness prevention and y’all know this:
– 8 Hours of sleep per night. DO IT!!
– Eliminate all processed carbohydrates (disease feeds off glucose) and decrease dairy consumption to decrease systemic inflammation and mucous, congestion, flem…the ugly stuff.
– 3+ sessions in the gym and 1-2 active rest days per week away from the gym
– Plenty of water, electrolytes, vitamins, and high fives to your coaches.

Workout of the Day
Power Snatch
*15min to find your best 1rm for the day
*This is the final lift of our heavy week before the de-load
“Diane”  Last performed:
21-15-9 For Time:
Deadlift 225/155
Handstand Push-up  (sub 7-5-3 Wall Walks)
Post your results to the Whiteboard.
I think this still remains the fastest “Diane” on record. Dan Bailey at 2012 CrossFit Regionals.  Wow.

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