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Thursday, 12-17-2015


Thursday, 12-17-2015

We are SUPER PUMPED for Friday and honored to have such a big turnout!!  Holiday Party will be on point.  Looking forward to a fun night with you all including dinner & live auction which will be crazy fun after a couple beverages to benefit your coaches.

Workout of the Day
Stone Ladder!!
*Work on your Atlas Stone technique and work up to a heavy Stone to Shoulder.
*Stone weights: 40-70-85-95-105-115-130-145-165-185-195-205-225-240
then, another EMOM…
20min Every Minute On the Minute (10 sets each), perform
Even Minutes:
Barbell Complex
2 deadlift
2 hang power clean
2 front squat
2 shoulder to overhead
*Start min 0:00 at a light to moderate load and increase weight ever two sets.  Work up to and record your heaviest possible.
Odd Minutes:
10 Box Jumps 30/24
Post your results to the Whiteboard

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