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Thursday, 6-6-2013


Thursday, 6-6-2013

Workout of the Day
Four Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
10 Muscle-ups
*Modifications for 10 MU’s: 10 Bar MU’s, 10 Skin the cats, 15 Ring rows & 15 Ring Dips
For reps:
Reverse Tabata Interval Push-ups (10sec on, 20sec off x 8 rounds)

BBQ at Alpine this Sunday!!!  Immediately following 9:00-11:00am Open Gym on Sunday.  We will provide utensils, plates, condiments and some chicken and sausage.  Please bring a side, meat, and/or drinks to share.  Kirk is bringing us some wild game too and Mike D is bringing a portable DJ system.  Please bring some lawn games too!  Friends and family welcome!
Looking forward to a fun time on Sunday HOLLAAA!!

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