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Thursday, 8-18-2011


Thursday, 8-18-2011

Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Find your 1RM!!
25 Dips
3x max L-sit holds on Paralettes.
Two more days until the Warrior Classic CrossFit Challenge presented by… ALPINE CROSSFIT! Alpine has a few competitors in both the Ultimate Warrior (Rachel and Boyfriend) and the CrossFit Challenge (Seabass, Elijah, Tanner, Kourtney, Josh and Rachel)  Our own Rosa will be competing in the Bench Press competition. Will she go for 185??? Come up Saturday morning to cheer on your fellow Alpine athletes!! First CrossFit WOD starts at 10:00.  There will also be a Strongman competition right next to us in the parking lot. The Warrior Classic will be held at the Embassy Suites Loveland right off I-25
4705 Clydesdale Parkway
Loveland, Colorado 80538
Phone Number: 970-593-6200

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