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Thursday, 8-6-2015


Thursday, 8-6-2015

Members!  I understand today will most likely be a light turn-out/recovery day in preparation for Friday’s 1RM Back Squat re-test but here’s a couple announcements:
Along with the Fundraiser WOD this Saturday 8am/9am/10am classes (please check Tuesday post for more details and come support a great cause!), Coach Ben will be running a Swim WOD at Wheat Ridge Rec Center at 9:30am.  That means a 8:00am WOD + 9:30am Swim WOD for you fitness-a-holics =)
Also, Saturday be sure to get yourself up to CrossFit Roots in Boulder to cheer on Coach Mikey, Heather and Tommy F in the Summer Roots Weightlifting Meet.  It will also be Heather and Tommy’s first official meet and I know they would love some home-town ACF support!!! I don’t know the schedule yet but tune in to Fbook as well as Saturday’s post for more deets…
Fundraiser WOD + Swim WOD + Cheering athletes on to lift heavy stuff = Nice little Saturday (+Home Depot duhhh)

Workout of the Day
*10min Crossover Symmetry Warm-up*
Remember, we are going to start doing this EVERY DAY.  We will take time in each class to teach you this week so you can perform it on your own within 3-5min of each class you take at ACF.  We guarantee this will help you 1) unlock some serious pulling strength and 2) keep your shoulders very healthy!!  #winx2
Floor Press – Find your 3 rep max.  Three hard working sets after warm-up.
7min AMRAP
5 Clean & Jerks 135/95
30 Double Unders
Rest 3min then,
Tabata Push-ups
*Record total reps performed in all 8 sets of the 20sec on/10sec off intervals.
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.
Coach JC and 8:00am hipster phenom, D$, have been on a “broad” trip through Yellow Stone this week…
….we all know this is how they really look:

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