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Thursday, December 28th: Weightlifting


Thursday, December 28th: Weightlifting

Alpine CrossFit – Weightlifting

Snatch Push Press (2)+ Snatch Balance (2) (1-1-1-1-1)

2x Behind the Neck Push Press w/ Snatch Grip + 2 Snatch Balances
Rest 3:00 b/w Sets

Make these 65-75%

B1: Split Squat (Farmer Carry) (6-6-6-6)

In a Lunge position, go up and down on one side for he entirety of repetitions before switching. Start with non-dominant leg forward.
Bar on Back Rack

B2 : Death March (DB’s) (12-12-12-12)

With DB’s in both hands, walk forward and with each step, perform a single leg RDL. Both DB’s must touch the floor.

C1: Seated Z-Press (6-6-6-6)

Seated on the floor with legs straight, press implement overhead maintaining midline tension. Do not lean back!

C2: Strict Chin-Ups (8-8-8-8)

Wtd. If you can.

D: Hanging Straight Leg Raises (15-15-15)

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