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Thursday, 4-12-2012


Thursday, 4-12-2012

Great nutrition seminar Wednesday night!!  Post to comments if you have anymore questions for us to answer.  Next seminar is this Saturday at 10:00am. 
Our 30 and 60 day STRICT PALEO “challenges” start Sunday at 12:01am.  Get signed up at the gym today. Friends and family are welcome to join too!  We will be picking PALEO CHALLENGE TEAMS on Sunday and you will randomly be assigned to Team T-Pain, Team Rob-o, Team JC, or Team AWESOME (aka RZ…duh)
For reps:
Tabata Row (Calories)
Rest 1min
Tabata Hand release push-ups
Rest 1min
Tabata Squats
Rest 1 min
Tabata Double unders
What is a Tabata?
The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 intervals (or 4minutes). 
Scoring: Your score for each movement will be the least number of reps performed in any of the 8 intervals.  For example, you held 10 push-ups for the first 6 intervals but then fatigue kicked in and you only got 5 reps on interval 7 and 4 reps on interval 8; your score for push-ups is “4”. 

James. The "Frogger Clan" firebreather.

Just a reminder that this Sunday we are having a Fundraiser WOD for local soccer teams in our area.  Please attend, get a sweat, and support youth sports!!  Soccer FUndraiser

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