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Tuesday 10-16-2012


Tuesday 10-16-2012

  • Wall Walks 3×3, or getting closer to wall than you have.
  • Getting Inverted: Practice “kicking up” and getting upside down with a coach spotting if you have not been    inverted yet!! Handstand Pro?? Practice max time upside down!
WOD: For Time:
50 Double Unders
5 Push Press  95/65
40 Double Unders
10 Push Press
30 Double Unders
15 Push Press
20 Double Unders
20 Push Press
10 Double Unders


This Sunday is a 4-part Alpine Extravaganza!
ACF Softball Semi-Final – 3:00pm

ACF Softball Final – 5:00pm
Quick dinner
Haunted House – 7:30pmSOFTBALL
We finished 2nd in our league and will play a semi-final game vs the #3 team and if/when we win we will play again at 5:00pm vs the winner of the 1st & 4th matchup. It would be RAD if we could get a HUGE crew from Alpine & friends to come watch and cheer us on!!! Please come out and get rowdy for this one!! We play at the Lutz Sports Complex off of 58th and Kipling on field #7.
Team Alpine: Rosa, Emily, Kelsea, Jill, Jess E, Kourt, Christine, Robin, Mo, Robby, Mikey, Weezy, Jimmy, Seabass, Korry, Jesse

We’ll go somewhere quick after the game and before heading to the haunted house. Place is TBD.

We are going to Field of Corpses near 64th and Ward. We are getting to get a good group rate on some VIP tickets so we can go straight to the front (holla!). We will buy tickets Sunday at the gate when we’re all there. Come dressed as a thruster or pull-up or something scary!! lol

Please RSVP on Facebook so we have a rough number of people who will be going to the Haunted House Sunday night. If you don’t Facebook *Gasp* Please RSVP to comments! 😉

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