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Tuesday, 10-25-2011


Tuesday, 10-25-2011

500m Row
(rest 3min)
*Full recovery so go all-out each set
HERE is a 5min video on rowing technique to clean up many things we all need to improve.  Don’t fall asleep…its a little monotonous.  We will review everything in class.
For a good laugh, HERE is what NOT to do.

There were a few little Doran's who made Saturday's open house even happier!

Congrats to Mile High CrossFit!  They will be celebrating their 1-year anniversary this Friday at their facility and have invited everyone from Alpine to come celebrate.  They will have a WOD and of course a lot of fun to be had!  Costumes are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! The fun starts at 4:30pm and runs until 8:30pm.  Check out their Facebook invite for more details.


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