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Tuesday, 11-22-2011


Tuesday, 11-22-2011

10 Muscle ups for time if you’ve got them.  Progressions and “skin the cats” for those who are close. 
For max reps:
Tabata Row (Calories)
Rest 1min
Tabata ring dips
Rest 1min
Tabata knees to elbows

Alpine will be having some Black Friday specials (more details via email shortly). Friday morning loiter-ers will be forced to do burpees!

Wednesday: All classes as scheduled
Thursday: ONE class at 8:30am
Friday: ONE class at 8:30am.  This is Coach JC’s birthday WOD!  Don’t miss it!!  Note: we will add more classes this day if you email us which class times you would like.  If we get 3 people committed to a time the class is a go!  We will email and post on the site which additional classes will be provided.
Saturday: (Regular schedule) 8am Alpine members only WOD, 9am FREE WOD, Open Gym 9-11am
Sunday: Open gym 9-11am

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