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Tuesday, 11-3-2015


Tuesday, 11-3-2015

Shout out to Heather for a strong performance in the Women’s PRO division at CrossFit Sanita’s “Monster Mash”

^^^^Why am I posting a podium photo with her not on it?? Because she’ll be there next year. I’m calling it.  #Driven #AlwaysImproving

 Workout of the Day
Clean & Jerk
*15min to find your best 1rm Clean & Jerk for the day.
Five Rounds For Time
5 Sandbag Get-ups 80/48 (see video below)
15 DB Push Press 35/25 each
30 Double Unders
*Be sure to add your DU’s to the NOVEMBER GOAL!
*The sandbag get-up is similar to the Turkish Get-up.  Up & down = 1 rep.  Don’t just drop the sandbag at the top and then lay down ya hearrrrd!?!
*Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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